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 Soto, Jesus Rafael (1923 - 2005)

Cacique, 1983

Painted metal and wood;
140 x 69 cm
Latin American art

UID 100-958


Born in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. He trained in his native Venezuela, Soto's early influences were Cubism, Cézanne and Mondrian. It wasn't until he moved to Paris, in the 1950's, that he found his true calling in geometric art. (It probably helped that he also met kindred spirits - Victor Vasarely, for one - in Paris.) Besides his Kinetic works, Soto is best known for his use of modern materials such as nylon filament thread, metal rods, steel, aluminum, perspex (transparent acrylic resin) and industrial-grade paint. hough most frequently associated with Op Art, Soto was, more precisely, a Kinetic artist. His works were meant to display not only the implied movement of Op, but also the actual movement Kinetic Art provides by allowing the viewer to participate, or ""move through"" the piece. This was especially notable in his Penetrables series of the 1960s, where spectators were invited to walk through lots of hanging nylon filament line. Soto is also rightly linked with the Geometric movement in Venezuela.


Latin American Art in the Berardo Collection
Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna - Colecção Berardo (SMAM-CB), Portugal
14-12-2007 ~ 29-02-2008

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